We are playing every day. Let me know on SKYPE kaja_from_earth or ICQ 649-933-647 and you can join us.

How to play Atomic Bomberman over the internet (ENG)

16. září 2010 v 15:30 | kaja

High speed manual without registration

Conection settings & OS
Player, who is creating th server must have public IP adress and open port 7895.

WINDOWS XP - Run file bm95.exe , its all.
WINDOWS 7 - Run file bm95win7.bat

A now to the game
0) Close the torrents :)
1) Run bm95.exe (bm95Win7.bat)
2) In OPTIONS set your NODE NAME
3) Player, who are creating server choose scheme file in options and set the time.
4) Player, who creating server choose (Start Network game)
5) Other players connect to him through (Join Network game)
6) If you are in JOIN NETWORK MENU and dont see server, pres key F5 for actualization



Instructions for registration on Atomic Bomberman internet club
1) Run this page in your internet browser "http://bomberman.spb.ru/"
2) Under color words ATOMIC BOMBERMAN INTERNET CLUB , look the line with 4 links (FAQ - Регистрация - Поиск - Вход)
3) Click on the second link (Регистрация), it is registration
4) Now you can see the page with two buttons, click the first button, for agreement with conditions.
5) Now you can see the page with 5 empty fields, 2 full fields and the code.
6) Write your nick to the first empty field.
7) Write your e-mail to the second and third field.
8) Write your password to the fourth and fifth field.
9) Write the code and click on the left button (it is bold and first letter is O)
10) To your mail will be sent e-mail with activation link, which you must click on to complete registration.
11) Now open the fol BOMBERMAN and edit the file "bmudp.ini"
12) On the line "USER" , write your nick. (viz point 6)
13) On the line "PASSWORD" , write your password. (viz point 8)
14) Now run "bm95chat.exe" in the BOMBERMAN folder and you will see other bomberman players.

Bomberman chat
Chat (bm95chat.exe) is in russian language. In the lower left corner is shown number of active games.

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